Eco-Friendly Policies

75 on Liberty Wharf is committed to:

  • Recycling cardboard, glass, plastics, metals, toner cartridges, cell phones, writing paper, computer printouts, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, fax paper, catalogs, & envelopes
  • Using food waste for composting
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Using sustainable and renewable food sources whenever possible and available from our local vendors
  • Energy efficient equipment with programmable timers and thermostats
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Using post-consumer recycled paper
  • Using recycled stock for take-out packaging
  • Using fluorescent energy saving light bulbs
  • Reusing interoffice paper and envelopes
  • Educating our staff on ecological sustainability, recycling, and energy/water conservation
  • Use of two-way totes for delivery of merchandise in an effort to reduce the use of cardboard
  • Recycling waste oil for renewable energy
  • Use of foods, whenever possible, that are not treated with growth hormones, GMOs, antibiotics and never any trans fats
  • Junk mail reduction
  • Seasonal organic herb garden on premises
  • Annual Green Event to educate on sustainable practices

How can I help?

  • Low-Flow shower heads can help reduce water use by 50% or more
  • Turning off the water faucet when brushing your teeth can save up to 9 gallons of water every time you brush
  • 40% of your house’s pure water is flushed down the toilet
  • 40% of the energy used in your home is for heat
  • 1 ton of 100% non-recycled newsprint uses 12 trees
  • At least 38.9% of the US waste stream is paper
  • Americans throw away the equivalent to 500,000 trees each week
  • Americans discard 4million tons of office paper every year-enough to build a 12ft high wall of paper from NY to California
  • Americans throw away enough aluminum each month to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet
  • Glass never wears out-it can be recycled forever